We are a team from European engineering companies participating in the construction of the bridge.

Here is our story.

 Franziska Morganti

Franziska Morganti, team project lead Gatare Bridge 2018

New experiences enrich life and for me, who likes to spend time outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to swap the office chair for working boots. I’m looking forward to collaborating with people of different nationalities and I’m sure that we will inspire each other. As project manager my goal is that we finish the bridge within the given time without any injuries while having a good time working together.




Laurie Avrillaiud

Laurie Avrillaud, Logistics lead Gatare Bridge 2018

Being able to use our engineering skills in order to boost the development of a Rwandan community is an extraordinary opportunity. The construction of these infrastructures enables inhabitants to benefit from public services and equipment essential for their quality of life.

It always reminds me of the French figurative meaning of the word « pont » (bridge) which on an automobile also represents all the organs that transmit the motor movement to the wheels (rear axle and front axle) and constitutes thus this formidable link allowing us to move forward, towards the future.

I look forward to learn from this bilateral share of skills with the Rwandan community and live that rewarding human experience as logistic coordinator, both participating in the construction and organizing the trip and the life on site for the team.


Caroline dayCaroline Day-Califet, Communications lead Gatare Bridge 2018

This is a positive project, with positive people, willing to use their workforce and skills in order to help and improve other people’s lives ! I’m grateful to be part of it.

In our european countries we take for granted our extraordinary infratructures and our safe and easy access to everywhere we need to go.

I think we have a lot to learn from people who are able to manage with less than us and I wish I will be able to share and to learn from them.

We will also be part of an international team, with different languages and culture, and this is another challenge to take up.

As a communication lead, beside supporting the team in building the bridge, I will keep you on track about our progress in the construction and tell you our story.


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  • Marianne Gruscelli

    Good luck to everyone!! Wish you all the best of success, adventure, new friends and fun!


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