Today, our first day in Rwanda,  was very exciting. We arrived in Kigali after the longest flight ever (through Mumbaï and Amsterdam, for Laurie and Caroline it took 24 hours from Paris to Kigali).

We all gathered for our first breakfast, and after a big grocery shopping, went directly to our place. The house is in an incredibly beautiful landscape. Our arrival was an event in the village and many people came to welcome us.

We finally went to the bridge site. Towers and concrete ramps are finished. Many children are playing with the old bridge, the community can see the new bridge being constructed under their eyes. Everywhere is peaceful and beautiful.  The light is perfect.

We can’t wait to see the Gatare Bridge taking shape.

Tomorrow, we will be cutting timbers and steel bars, pre-drill and paint nailer beams, we will install the cables accross the river and assess the cable sag. Talk to you tomorrow with more pictures !


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