Didn’t update you for several days, but it doesn’t mean we have been faffing around here at Gatare Bridge. On the contrary, we spent hours mixing concrete with our hands for the first abutment and managed to finish it in one day. Everyone did participate in this collective effort and we also learnt how to deliver concrete bins on our head.

The deck is also finished and we are now able to cross the Yanza river thanks to our brand new bridge.


We met the community on the other side of the bridge. Thanks to Gatare Bridge, they won’t stay isolated during flood anymore.

And finally, after these intense days of working, the whole team went to spend an excellent week-end by the Kivu Lake, enjoying magnificent landscapes and breathtaking views, while preparing for next week!




2 thoughts to “Days 5, 6, 7 & 8 / We crossed Gatare Bridge !

  • Michel Kahan

    Is Caroline always behind the camera? We never see her on the pictures.

    • admin

      Hello, I’m the photographer, effectively. Going to find some new pictures! Caroline


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