Gatare Bridge, Rwanda

The Yanza River is too dangerous to cross due to flooding 90 to 180 days of the year, and when the river floods, access to critical resources is cut off.

Residents are unable to access the Nyabugogo market to trade and sell and students cannot access Nzove primary school.

Access to the Gatsata health clinic is also blocked by the flooded river. Currently people lose stability while crossing and fall down in the river.

gatare bridge
Existing crossing method during the dry season

The Gatare Suspended Bridge will provide safe, year-round access for the members of the communities in close vicinity, and will empower the communities out of poverty.

The residents of the Yanza and Rubonobono communities are primarily involved in commerce, growing banana and cassava to provide for their families.

Of the 2,704 community members who will be directly affected by the construction of a footbridge, there are 178 children and over 1,300 women of child-bearing age.

Project profile

Municipality : Nyarugenge

Bridge type : Suspended

Communities : Gasiza, Rubonobono

Population served : 2,704

Bridge span : 37 meters